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1985 TOP TEN Viewer Rated Photos
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TODAY'S RESULTS 1/22/2019...
(from the 1985_00029_01 Collection) Bright Red 1985 Saleen hatchback with gold stripes and gold Saleen wheels. Saleen only produced these in four colors during 1985; black, red, white, and blue. This is Saleen factory ID #89 car. Only 140 where built - 138 of them hatchbacks. This car still has it's original paint.

(from the 1985_00033_02 Collection) Left side view of a Black 1985 Saleen Mustang hatchback.

(from the 1985_00003_02 Collection) Front end view of this Medium Regatta Blue 1985 Mustang GT.

(from the 1985_00013_01 Collection) Silver 1985 Mustang GT T-top hatchback modified by American Motorsports in Orlando, Florida with a new engine, handling options, and aftermarket wheels.

(from the 1985_00001_05 Collection) 1985 Ford Mustang GT Convertible with the top up.

(from the 1985_00001_01 Collection) 1985 Ford Mustang GT convertible with a 2.3L, 4 cycle, 210 horse power engine. The GT upgrades include a short throw T-5 transmission, a quad-shock rear system, a larger rear stabilizer bar, alloy wheels, and leather sport performance bucket seats.

(from the 1985_00039_02 Collection) It has a black painted hood with a white GT name on it. Goes well with the black headlight openings and black vinyl trim all the way around the car.

(from the 1985_00041_01 Collection) This is a Jalapena Red 1985 Mustang GT Twister II convertible. It was sold at the 2005 Barrett Jackson Auction held in Scottsdale, Arizona for $10,450. It has the 302ci V8 engine, 5-speed manual transmission, air conditioning, power windows, and power door locks. Only 90 Twister IIs were built in 1985. 14 of them were convertibles! This one does not have the GT black striped hood or 5.0L emblems on the front fenders. The car is unrestored and original.

(from the 1985_00012_04 Collection) This bright Jalapeno Red 1995 Mustang GT convertible is owned by Izzy Cobovic of Staten Island, New York and is our Attitude Of The Month for the month of October, 2012.

(from the 1985_00014_02 Collection) Here is a front end shot. The GT's had blacked hoods with the GT emblem. This car will look great in blue paint.

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