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1969 Mustang E

Mustang E

The 1969 Mustang E was offered for those desiring high mpg or Economy. The 1969 Limited Edition Mustang E was a rare (about 50 produced) fastback special model designed for economy. It came with the 250 ci six-cylinder engine, a high stall torque converter for the standard automatic transmission and a very low, 2.33:1 rear axle ratio. Mustang E lettering on the rear quarters identified the special Mustang E.

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Wimbledon White Mustang E
Mustang E was aimed at the Economy minded customer. This newspaper article was published in the November 17, 1968 edition of the Independent Press Telegram from Long Beach, California. The article takes many quotes from John Naughton, Ford’s vice president and general manager. The article is very similar to those published in many other newspapers around the same time. John Naughton is quoted, “The new Mustang ‘E’ will meet the limited, but particular, requirements of customers who want sport car appearance and handling combined with outstanding economy. This new Mustang will provide up to 15 per cent greater fuel economy than Mustangs equipped with similar drivetrain components.” It states that the economy is mostly due to the 2.33 rear end and larger than stock torque converter.

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