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1983 Mustang GLX

Mustang GLX

The 1983 Mustang GLX luxury package was mainly different from the base GL on the inside with dual bright remote control mirrors, wood grained trimmed 4-spoke steering wheel, metal rocker panel trim, driver's door map pockets (the passenger was not allowed to read maps), and lighting group. The GLX convertible included power brakes, tinted glass, black remote mirrors, black rocker panel trim, and automatic transmission. 1983 was the second and last year of the GLX. In 1984 both the base level GL and GLX was combined to form the base level LX.

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Examples of a 1983 Mustang GLX
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Midnight Blue Mustang GLX
Midnight Blue 1983 Mustang GLX convertible owned by Don Barnes from Oakland, Tennessee. He calls it "Sally". Don purchased it new in February 1983, and I still owns it to this day. It has it's original 5.0L (302ci) engine.

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Silver Mustang GLX
Silver 1983 Mustang GLX convertible with the most powerful engine offered in 1983, the 175 hp (at 4000rpm) 302 cubic inch, 5.0 liter, high output V8. Standard GLX convertible upgrades are dual black remote control mirrors, woodgrain-insert four spoke steering wheel, interior lighting group, black rocker panel moldings, and a drivers side door map pocket.

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Medium Red Mustang GLX
Medium Red 1983 Mustang GLX convertible with the larger of the two V6 engines offered in 1983.

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Vermilion Red Mustang GLX
Check out this red 1983 Mustang GLX convertible owned by Jeff from Canada. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting January 22, 2012. It has a 5.0L engine and an automatic transmission. The color is Vermilion Red from 1994. Jeff adds, "I am the second owner. It has 83000 kilometers on it. I purchased the car from a man who had a company car and this was his summer car. His daughter was turning 16 and he was worried about her driving it, so he sold the car to me. These pictures were taken along the Niagara River about 15 minutes from Niagara Falls."

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Light Academy Blue Glow Mustang GLX
Light Academy Blue Glow 1983 Mustang GLX convertible with a white gut and white top. Under the hood is a 6-cylinder engine. This is the lightest of three blue paints offered on the Mustang in 1983.

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Medium Red Mustang GLX
The Mustang convertible was gone for nine years. 1983 was the re-introduction of the Mustang convertible. This is a Ford promotional photo of a Medium Red 1983 Mustang GLX convertible which came out mid year. Ford used Cars & Concepts of Brighton, Michigan to convert steel topped coupes from the factory into these convertible.

Medium Red Mustang GLX
Back in 1983 was the Mustang convertible. This is a Medium Red 1983 Mustang GLX convertible with wire wheels, body side molding, and color keyed mirrors. The front window trim looks a little odd, because in 1983 Ford sent out all Mustang convertibles to be created from coupes.

Black Mustang GLX
Black 1983 5.0L Mustang GLX convertible with a black gut and a black convertible top.

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Medium Red Mustang GLX
Medium Red 1983 Mustang GLX hatchback owned by Travis from Eugene, Oregon. It has a 5.0L V8 engine and a manual transmission. Travis tells us, "On the fence with restoration. This car is possessed, 1st car, tons of work, but fast and fun. I am just curious to know how rare this model is. I have never seen another 1983 Mustang GLX hatchback with a 5.0 and a 4-speed."

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Medium Yellow Mustang GLX
Why does this Medium Yellow 1983 Ford Mustang GLX convertible look so great? because it only has 1000 miles on the clock! It has a 5.0l V8 engine and a 4-speed manual transmission.

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