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1985 Predator Mustang


1985 was the 3rd year for the Predator modified by Tom Soloman. The Predator featured a Cobra air cleaner, Monte Carlo bar, roll cage, wood shifter knob, 4 spoke Enki wheels, SVO suspension, fiberglass hood, hood scoop, hood pins, LeMans stripes, G.T.302 or G.T.302 R graphics, and more. About 140 cars were modified in 1985. More information and this 1983 Predator photo is from graphic-express.com.

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Oxford White Predator
Oxford White 1985 Mustang Predator convertible owned by Kerry Wiland from Cortland, Ohio. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting September 15, 2013. Kerry tells us more, "I just recently purchased this Mustang. It came to me from Gardner, Kansas. It is a rare and odd car. It started life as a 1985 Twister II white convertible. It is one of eight Twister IIs that have been confirmed that were sent to Soloman American and converted to Predators. Data I have found shows that one of those cars was a hatch, one was a red vert, and the last six were white verts. If this is the case, then all six white vert twister IIs that were built would have been converted to Predators. Three of them are carb'd cars and three of them were CFI cars. This car is Predator number 5S-0149. It has undergone a cosmetic restoration on the body back to it's original Predator condition with the addition of the twister graphic on the rear 1/4 to pay homage to the way it started it's life. It has no other modifications other than those done by Soloman American. These pictures were taken before I purchased it. The building in the background is the Soloman American warehouse building."

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